Parkhurst Family Home

About This Project


A family friendly home that brings a touch of style and modern living.

This large family home, nestled in Parkhurst has everything the client’s busy little family needs.


Energy efficiency methods were used to ensure that this home stays as cool as it can in the summer months in the Rockhampton heat.  Building orientation and room placement for the best natural aspects are what drove the layout for this modern home.


High raking ceilings to the living zones provide natural cross ventilation & light, along with rising heat release. Bathrooms and service rooms were located on the western edges to help keep bedrooms nice and cool in the heat.

Public and private zoning works hard to ensure the separation of the guest spaces from the family’s personal space. 





4 Bedrooms
2.5 Bathrooms
Open Living Dining Kitchen
Large Kitchen with Walk in pantry. 
Indoor to Outdoor connected living
Double Garage